About Coaching

An Interactive Process

Coaching is an interactive, goal-oriented process for people who want change.

It is a highly individualized partnership, designed by coach and client together, to move the client forward.

One size does not fit all.

Coaching is based on a wellness model: the client is not broken, and the coach’s role is not to fix, but to empower. To do this, the coach draws on the client’s strengths, passions, energy, and motivation. Working with a coach is not like going to a doctor because you have broken your leg, but like hiring a personal trainer because you want to become stronger, faster, more adept.

The process of coaching includes discovery, action, and learning.


Discovery, Action, and Learning

Discovery lays the ground. As a client, what do you want? What do you love? Where are your strengths? What challenges you? What are the areas of your life in which you would like to make a change right now?

Action lies at the heart of coaching. You and your coach develop structures, the framework in which action takes place, so that you can effectively combat stuckness and overwhelm. Within this framework, you devise strategies to get you started, keep you in action, move you in a direction.

Learning from action is what ultimately creates change. Regular coaching sessions provide space for reflection and the growth of self-awareness.


How does it work?

Coaching sessions take place on a regular basis, either in person or by phone or in some combination of the two. The usual length of time for my sessions is an hour or less, depending on the client’s needs: some prefer to meet once a week with intervening check-ins, while others prefer shorter, more frequent sessions. Check-ins via phone or email are unlimited.

As the coaching progresses, sessions tend to become shorter, as the client becomes more proficient at focusing more quickly on both action and learning.

Fees are charged on a flat monthly rate and may be negotiable if there are openings for sliding scale clients. A 45-minute sample session/conversation is available without charge or obligation.


About phone coaching

It is very common for coaches to work by phone. Not only does this arrangement allow coaches and clients access to each other regardless of geography, but it is very convenient for the client, who doesn’t have to leave either home or office for a session. And clients sometimes find, to their surprise, that phone coaching focuses their attention more effectively than being in an unfamiliar location filled with its own set of new distractions.


How Long Does Coaching Last?

The length of time a coaching partnership lasts varies greatly and is based entirely on the needs of the client. ADD clients commonly work with a coach for between six months and more than a year as they develop new habits of both thinking and behavioral management.

Some find it beneficial to stay longer; others complete a period of regular coaching and then return occasionally for short-term coaching around a specific project or life change.

Students generally work by semester, taking breaks during vacations, but this, too, is variable.