Coaching is an interactive process designed to help people change.


Primarily I coach people with ADHD – sometimes referred to as Executive Function Impairment – although a formal diagnosis is unnecessary in order to work with a coach.

Currently I am accepting a small number of adult clients, who may also include graduate and professional students. These may be:


adults newly diagnosed with ADHD who are looking for more effective ways to manage their lives;

professionals for whom a recent job change or promotion has stripped away structures they never even knew were keeping them on track;

students for whom lack of structure or overwhelming workload may seem to pose insurmountable obstacles to completion;

people who feel they are settling for “good enough” when they know they are capable of so much better, if they could just figure out how to follow through on some of their ideas, or maybe just get organized.

Coaching is about possibility. As a coach, I become your partner to help you to use the gifts and strengths you already have to achieve what you desire.


You can contact me at russell (at) russellcolver.com (preferred) or by phone at 919.490.6555


“Everyone presently human is unfinished.”

-Rachel Remen